About Jackie

black and white photograph of Jackie, smiling and resting chin on her hand

Jackie Lyon


Jackie is an ICU nurse and yoga practitioner dedicated to teaching others how to take good care of themselves.

She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Raleigh’s y Respira in September of 2020.

practice with jackie:

Group Classes, Spring 2021

date & timeclass
Wednesdays, 3/17 to 4/21
6 to 7pm
feel your foundationjoin
Saturday, 4/10, 6 to 7pmself-love yogajoin

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In her words:

What is yoga to you?

Yoga to me is being present in my body. Noticing sensations, thoughts, things that come up for me. It started as a way to cope with the stress of nursing, and it has turned into my greatest practice. It taught me to get to know myself and my body. It taught me to quiet my mind to do those things. It has taught me self love. It has taught me to appreciate the gift of life. It taught me to not attach to the stressors of life, freeing me up to grow and vibrate in love.

What does your yoga practice look like?

I find I like doing classes on video in my home. I love doing restorative for full relaxation and self love. I practice almost every day, but always strive to live yoga in every moment of life.

What do your classes feel like?

I hope my classes allow us an opportunity to explore our bodies and become experts of them. They are about listening to your body and trusting in yourself and body.

What is your favorite thing to teach?

I like to teach people that it’s okay and how to take care of themselves. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process, just taking 5 minutes here and there to notice how you’re feeling and taking a moment to breathe. I love teaching how to feel the subtle things in your body, like body scanning. It’s easy to disconnect from that, but once you come back to it there is so much to be gained, learned, and just to be present with. 

How do you stay grounded/centered? 

Simple as focusing on or controlling my breathing

Getting my thoughts on paper

Nature or cuddle my cats

Movement of my body. of any kind, a walk or yoga, or some kind of exercise 

What is your guiding mantra/life mission?

A guiding mantra I have is enjoy the journey. 

Once after I was done complaining about something, my dad asked, “when are you going to decide to be happy?” And I literally felt my overwhelming thoughts grind to a halt. That was it. That moment was a big change of perspective for me. 

Don’t worry, be happy.

Another thing my dad always said was “not my monkey” – are you making it your problem? It’s a reminder for me to let things go that don’t belong to me.

It’s all relative. It’s all about perspective, and I think we forgot that people come at things from such different ways of thinking or backgrounds than what we see. We just need to take the blinders off and we’ll see a completely different scene. And we forgot that we’re all connected, we’re all a part of the vast cosmos, and we all have this same energy force running through us. While it’s important to see the details, it’s even more important to incorporate them into the big picture that is this human life. 

Also, The four agreements changed my life.